Lion Could Not Win Powerful of Giraffe – Mother Giraffe Save Her Baby From Lion vs Kudu, Buffalo [VIDEO]

Lion Could Not Win Powerful of Giraffe – Mother Giraffe Save Her Baby From Lion vs Kudu, Buffalo

Zebra Vs Lion Real Fight – Zebra Never Knew Fear When Confronted With Lion – Animals Attack

Wish everyone have time to relax and have fun.
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This camera is situated at a secluded waterhole and is set on the hide. It is completely solar powered due to the remote location of the waterhole. There is a borehole which replenishes the waterhole giving much needed water to the animals that frequent this area.
This is a great camera for viewing the Big Five of Africa, lion, leopard, rhino (which we do not show), elephant and buffalo. Giraffe and a large variety of antelope, genets, squirrels, warthogs, Giant kingfisher as well as the woodlands kingfisher all converge at this key watering point.
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25 Comentários

  1. Even animals ,
    live in – Natural Communities and save one another and care for , each other.

    But Human's are made to live apart from their –
    by humans themselves ,
    By Corporate and Eluminati
    Methods of Smart life , to the extent of dying in
    uncared singles ,
    as , Street dogs.*

    Who cares – Human Rights ? *
    Where is Moral in Humans .?

    Only the , IDIOTIC rich ,
    enjoys –
    nothing else ! .*

    Human life is –
    RESPONSIBLE and WORTH , Only if –
    Moral is followed
    by the WHOLE ,
    not just by – SOME .*.

  2. Meus macaquinhos esses malvados leoës pegando eu ñ gosto d assistir os vidios desses anima crueldade q fazem matando os outros pra comer fico muito tris te com isso ñ Concigo olhar esses vidios prefiro mil veses os vidios dos macaquinhos …. Desculpa …. obrigada

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