Counter-Strike Online Gameplay – First Look HD [VIDEO]

Counter-Strike Online Gameplay – First Look HD for Counter-Strike Online reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Counter-Strike Online is a 3D tactical MMO shooter based on the original CS game.

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  1. F2P? The last time i played it was a completely P2W xD especially the zombie mode.. if you don't pay any cash, you won't stand a chance. I mean, you really wanna use AWP to a 10k HP zombie? gimme a break lol

  2. This Game Is Really Good If You Want Download Just Searched On Their Network but If You're Europe And American Person There's Only Have Nexon Zombies because Nexon Zombies is Western Counter Part Of CSO Fact About CSO: You Can Play As Zombies and Using Girl Character

  3. I don't really understand why CS:O gets so much hate. Maybe because it's developed by Nexon? The other guns like JANUS or BALROG? The modes? The complexity? Is it because it's in Korean?

    I really don't get it. For me, CS:O is really fun. The different guns are really fun to play with, and add a bit of variety. Same goes for the game modes, especially the zombie stuff.

    Even if it is in Korean, you can easily get used to it after playing for 4 years. I've given up because of school, but that isn't a reason to shit on a game.

    If y'all Westerners don't like a game developed for the ASIAN market, then go play some COD.

    Edit: ( Of course, unless someone can tell me why CS:O gets hate, if that regard, I'll stop praising the game if it angers all of you COD fanboys. )

  4. most of the kids playing these types of f2p games spend money like its raining cats and dogs… getting raped soo bad… spend 9 bucks on lvl 4 armor :/

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