Counter-Strike: Online 2 Is Back! – 2021 – How do Download and Play [VIDEO]

Counter-Strike: Online 2 Is Back! – 2021 – How do Download and Play

Counter-Strike: Online 2 is back, IN ENGLISH. For the first time you will be able to play Nexon’s ‘Masterpiece’ on your own servers with your friends with decent ping!

Released alongside Counter-Strike Global Offensive, CS:O2 was Nexon’s and Valve’s attempt to capitalize on the brand name and introduce a newer CS game to the Asian market.

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Counter-Strike: Online 2 Links Here

Download Here: EU/RU Server

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GUTHUB Masterserver Download:



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28 Comentários

  1. Very rarely there are fps games with lots of interesting modes, I think CSO 2 will be successful if it goes into all regions, maybe by continuing to develop the graphics quality to produce images that look more real, other fps games will be left behind in a fairly short time

  2. I can't play the shit …, he always on I should start the file named: cso2_launcher_euru in the "Bin" folder and install the latest update from the application which I don't get shit. I URGENTLY ask for help!

  3. Can I just say that the graphics are very close to Call of Duty Ghosts' graphics, they look really nice honestly it may even be better than the original maps in some ways

  4. CS:O2 is why I found your channel. I was browsing the CS wiki and I found out that CS:O was the Asian market version of CS:NZ, the first CS game I played. So when I saw there was a sequel, I searched for a way to play it, and that is how I stumbled across your channel.

  5. Average CSO/CSO2 Fan vs Average CS 1.6/CS:S Enjoyer idk… Nexon when they release a CS game with defualt weapons(also some weapons from real life like g36c i think) then later will turn into a Final Fantasy. I guess that's what Asia love :shrug:.AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, They push the engine to its limit. What do I mean by that? Well when you have 32 players more or less and you are using p2w guns(because thats what they love) which contains (but that only happens when you shoot and spread a lot of explosion and fantasy particles/effects) it will run bad no matter if you have a decent pc for example: cs nexon zombies which is on goldsrc. Maybe my opinion is useless, invalid, expired. Maybe i have worst components 2700x rx 5700xt 16 gb ram 3200mhz idk. :Shrug: idk have fun for those who can keep up. If I was "Nexon" I wouldn't add p2w guns id add custom skins(by opening cases) and realistic weapons only and maybe some female characters(by buying via dlc or sth from steam) for those who are simp :shrug: idk. Idk i wish i was real… sry for the cringe comment but i couldn't resist… They don't even optimize the games correctly when they release/add weapons. Im out… Im literally dumb

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