Counter-Strike: Online 2 | CS Source Mod [1440p 60fps] [VIDEO]

Counter-Strike: Online 2 | CS Source Mod [1440p 60fps]

Hello, All Counter-Strike GamerZ & Weclome To Our Channel 😀
Today We are introducing CSO2 full Source Version Mod For PC/Windows7/8/10

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//Video Timeline//
0:00 – 0:27 Intro
0:28 – 3:36 (CSO2 – DUST2)
3:38 – 4:31 (CSO2 – Assault)
4:32 – 5:35 (CS_OFFICE)
5:36 – 6:40 (CS_Aztec)
6:42 – 8:34 (CSGO_Mirage_Retexured)


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47 Comentários

  1. great work bro!
    fix the allies bro, they arent trying to defuse the bomb on their own
    if i dont have a diffusal kit they will wait until the bomb explodes
    and sometimes when i buy knife from the shop, the hand of the character turning to invisible
    and add real recoil
    i hope there will be a next version of this much appreciated.

  2. can you update the weapon script? theres a lot smg class weapon is missing in game while the assets is present. for example ump45, hk416C and the iconic p90 is there in material and model folder.
    or can you tell me so i can do it by myself?

  3. hey i want to ask why after doubleclicking csstrike nothing happens? does its because my pc cant run it? my pc have 4gb ram and intel core i5 7200u cpu can someone help me?

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