Bird Box • Bastidores Netflix (legendado) [VIDEO]

Bird Box • Bastidores Netflix (legendado)

Entrevistas com o elenco do longa – Sandra Bullock e Trevante Rhodes. Já disponível na Netflix.

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  1. For those of you who have seen "Bird Box" on #Netflix, here's my take on it:

    The movie is symbolic of #MentalIllness. It speaks of the fact that these "supernatural" creatures cause so much mental distress when people see them that they're forced to commit #suicide. *Spoiler alert* The only people immune to these creatures are the blind people. In the movie, the mentally ill patients in psych units are able to see them and then get the uncontrollable impulse to force others to see them, not caring that it will cause them to kill themselves.

    I feel like this speaks to the idea that mental illness is something that can cause people to harm themselves after being unable to control the thoughts and images they have. Those in the movie with #MentalHealth issues are immune because this is something they already live with and have grown accustomed to. They try desperately to force "normal" people to see the truth, but those people's minds cannot handle it, so they are forced to kill themselves. The blind people signify those who are able to recognize the mental illnesses but don't actually deal with them, and thus use this talent to help guide people to safety.

    It's interesting to note that the only way for #SandraBullock to survive is by covering her eyes, because it points to how most of society deals with mental illness by pretending it doesn't exist. I really enjoyed this movie. What are your thoughts?

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